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Jordan 2010

large_1297706_14118097583968.jpgOur plane landed at 1:00 am in Aqaba [Aqaba-travel-guide-1308345], middle of the night and still very hot.

Day 1: in the morning we started the busride to Amman [Amman-travel-guide-1311216], of course many photo stops on the way. We allso had a stop at the dead sea where we could have a bath. I expected it to be a bit of a cooling down thing but it was nothing like that! The water is really warm and feels really funny greassy. we made the cliche photo floating with a jordan newspaper (sports section upside down) The pool was a bit more refreshing. Back in the mini bus it took a while for the airconditioning to get it a bit cool, the bus had been in the full sun while we were exploring the dead sea. We were in time for diner in Amman.

Day 2: this day we visited Jerash, a roman site north of Amman. Hadrian has also been to Jordan, everywhere i visit a roman site that guy has been there too, he must have been a great traveller! We also visit another roman site Umm Qais, the columns here are made of black stone, thats something different.large_1297706_14118097604468.jpg From here you can see the Golan Heights. Back at the hotel we would have liked to get in to the pool but there was a party going on so we couldn't.

Day 3: The king Abdullah Mosk, nice to have seen. Then on our way to the dessert castle Qasr al Harana, these castles are the resting places for the caravans on the silk route, they have places for the camels and the merchants. The next castle is a bit different, at Qusayr Amra is a sort of relax room with surprising murals, immages of hunters and prey and even scarcely dressed women (!) Back in Amman we did a small city tour on foot and visit a amphitheater, our guide lets us explore while he made sure to stay in the shade. For the sunset he takes us to the back yard of a friend of his brothers neighbour (or something like that) we would have gone up to the Hercules monument but due to a festival we couldn't go there.large_1297706_14118097626464.jpg

Day 4: Hercules monument take two. This time we can visit. The view over the city is really nice here and there is a really nice museum. Our trip plans had to change again at Mount Nebo, the building with the the famous mosaic is under construction so we can't go in to see the mosaic. Our guide promisses to make it up for us. More mosaics at the greek church at Madaba [Madaba-travel-guide-1016804] and great views at Wadi Mujib. Couse of the bummer at Mount Nebo our guide takes us to Umm Ar Rasas, i'm not sure but i think the mosaic here is even more beautiful.

Day 5: The main attraction, Petra [Petra-travel-guide-1309147]. We stayed the night at the edge of the siq and this morning we started walking early. The siq is the narrow ravine which leads to the hidden city. on the last leg of ourwalk our guide tried to distract us from the upcoming view on Al Khazneh (the treasury), but we didn't fall for that! It's magical to see it appear as you slowly walk out of the siq.large_1297706_14118097642429.jpg For the trip up to Ad Deir (the monastery) I cheated by renting a donkey taxi, I wasn't feeling that great but I really wanted to go up there, and it was really worth it! There are lot and lot of temples carved out of the kliffs by the Nabataean people but als some Roman sites (again, they've been here too!!) We spend the whole morning at Petra enjoying the beauty of that place. In the afternoon we left to go back to Aqaba.

Day 6: Today on the menu Wadi Rum by jeep. But first sleeping in. We left for Wadi Rum at 15:30. The desert is a beautiful red color and we see some wild camels, or maybe not wild but without people guiding them. We made a stop at some petroglyphs at a place called Jebel Khazali.large_1297706_14118097669109.jpg Of course a tent with thee, coffee and souvenirs, those tents are called 'beit sha'ar', a few local boys were making music and an other local boy was filming with his phone camera (!) Unfortunately no beautiful sunset but at least a lovely diner at the captains desert camp.

Day 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Relaxing at our hotel in Aqaba, swimming in the pool, hanging by the pool, a trip with a glas bottom boat, some shopping and lots and lots of snorkeling, the red sea is great for snorkling and diving. First day we found out we'd better get back from the beach at 16:00, this is the time the wind turns and blows all the really hot air from the mountains, our hotel is uphill so you don't want that at 50+ degrees Celsius, we learned fast!

O, and by the way I found Nemo!


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