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large_1297706_14200395301125.jpgOur first hotel in Norway was in Lillehammer [Lillehammer-travel-guide-1134494] so we had a little of a drive ahead. The hotel had no restaurant of it's own but we could get our dinner at a restaurant nearby. Next morning Lillehammer to Beitostolen, not in a strait line! The norwegian sheep are not impressed by traffic, and neather are the cows. We made a quick stop at the Hedal stavkyrkje, one of the beautiful wooden churches. We didn't go in, but I have planned to visit more of those churches.

Next day, more stavkyrkje, I picked the one in Borgund [Borgund-travel-guide-1325161] because it's one that hasn't changed much since the middleages. I also had to make some stops to take pictures of waterfall after waterfall. You could enter the church and I took some pictures inside, going out I saw the sight do not take pictures, oops! After that another stavkyrkje, Umes, the oldest one.large_1297706_14200395321328.jpgHere we go!On the way there beautifull views, waterfalls and ferries. No picture taking inside in Umes but the wood carvings on Unesco's list are on the outside.

Third day, rain, pity. On our way to Geirangerfjord, we didn't do a tour, just enjoyed the view. Then Trollstigen, one of the most beautiful routes of Europe they say. I found the first part a bit disappointing, but the second part made up for it! You can easily imagine how those troll stories came to be. The rest of our route to Alesund [Alesund-travel-guide-1131088], rain.

Fourth day, Alesund - Orsenet - Hellesylt - Stryn - Briksdal - Klakegg - Floro [Floro-travel-guide-1132441], all those names! I can't find some of the sighns to writhe them the right way but you'll get the point. Again lots of beautiful views, waterfalls, ferrie rides and this time with some sunny weather.large_1297706_14200395348475.jpg Unfortunately the town of Floro is not much, hope I didn't offend the locals by saying this.

Fifth day on our way to Bergen [Bergen-travel-guide-1131436]. More fjords, but that's one of the things we came to Norway for! The longest one is Sognefjord which we cross by ferry.

Sixt day in Bergen, lots to see here! The famous commercial area of Bryggen with the colorful wooden buildings. A great part of Bryggen burned down in 1955, tragic! Then to the castle Bergenhus, also almost all made out of wood. With the Floybanen you can go up to the viewing point Floyfjellet, but stubborn as we are we drive till we can't go further and then walk the rest of the way up.

Seventh day, this is the day we didn't go to Preikestolen [Preikestolen-travel-guide-1329672], it was on my list but we missed a turn and ended up in another beautiful spot, one good thing, Preikestolen would have been crwded on such a beautiful day and here we were the only ones.large_1297706_1420039536967.jpg And again a beatiful waterfall (btw if you don't like waterfalls Norway might not be for you)

Eighth day on our way to Vradal with a detour to Manafossen, yes, another waterfall. We parked the car and went for a small hike to a waterfall we found on a leaflet. We thought: if the norwegians put a waterfall on a leaflet it must be something. And it was! The hotel in Vradal was lovely, only downside, the really small bathroom.

Day no nine, driving back to Oslo [Oslo-travel-guide-1135414] again. A stop to visit the largest stavkyrkje in Heddal [Heddal-travel-guide-1323981], again I totally missed the no foto sighn and nobody said anything so it must have been okay I guess. In Kongsberg we visited the silver mine solvgruvene, this is a nice one! You go in to the mine the same way the miners used to: stuffed in a small railcar.large_1297706_1420039539630.jpg It's a really noisy ride so they give you earpluggs. You get a tour underground and then its back in the train, to the light again.

On our last day we had time to visit Oslo, and since we haven't seen any sighns of vikings we went to the viking museum Vikingskiphuset, here you can see three (almost) complete viking ships, very impressive! We also visited the open air museum and the castle and then we had to get to the habour for the night ferry back to Danmark


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