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SA 2012

large_1297706_14094098787880.jpgLater that day 13 of us were ready to go, we were stuffed in al small bus, very cosy! And off we went to Elijahs village. At the entrance off the lodge the local venders ignored our little bus thinking we were just other locals, you could read the surprise on their faces as they realized it were tourist in that bus. At Elijahs village we watched a soccer game, his local team against the next village. After the game he walked us around the village, telling us about life here and pointing things out like the 'rondels' wich are the homes built for their deceased relatives, and the toilet building called room number 100. We were invited to take a look in one of the homes, plastic on the furniture to keep it clean and theelectricity meater were they have to put money in to get electricity. The local girls demonstrated singing and dancing and of course we had to participate, wich was hylarious! In the meantime it was getting late, Elijah wanted to show us so much more but we had to get back to the lodge before dark, wich we didn't manage anyway. Our tourguide wasn't mad about that though.


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Zulu petroglyphs and Elijahs phonenumber

SA 2012

large_1297706_14094097144839.jpgWhile on an guided tourthrough South Africa we (a group of 24 tourists)stay a few days in a lodge in the area drakensberg in KwaZulu-Natal. Of course, a visit to the Zulu petroglyphs in the mountains is on the program. Our local guide there is Elijah who keeps reminding us that Zulu people are proud people ! He's a great guide, we have some elderly people in our group and we had to hike a bit to the rock with the petroglyphs. He waited several times to get the group complete again and used the time to point out flowers, trees, the monkey's on the hillside and answer our silly tourisic questions. At the end of the tour Elijah told us he also does tours to his own village, if we were interested we could call the number on the sign at the bus parking. We wrote it down, seemed to us like a nice thing to do later that day when we had some time off. A couple of us really wanted to do that so we asked our guide to call and make the appointment. At first he didn't want to but when we threatened to do it ourselfs he changed his mind and made the appointment for the afternoon.


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Kruger Safari

SA 2012

large_1297706_14185711764553.jpgThe tour we were on included a jeep safari at Kruger national park, what would a tour through South Africa be without it. In the afternoon we arrived at the Lodge were we would stay for two nights, this way we could spend a whole day in Kruger. Next morning there were several jeeps ready to take us on our safari. The lodge is situated close to the Phalaborwa gate so within a few minute drive we were at that gate. After some formalities we continued on into the park. Everybody is really eager to see the wildlife and we all are very excited when we see the first Impala herd (Yes, all of us for the first time on safari, otherwise we wouldn’t be that excited to see Impala) The driver told us Impala is the Mac Donalds of Kruger, every meat eater eats Impala and they even have the golden arches on their ass.large_1297706_1418571178833.jpg The weather is not as nice as we wished for, cloudy and a bit rainy. But we still want to go for the big 5! The giraffe and the zebra are also on our lists, actually everything is on our list, we call out to the driver to stop at anything that moves in the trees or anything that looks off. First animal of the big 5 we see is the buffalo. It just stood there looking at us. Next was the elephant, we were standing in his way! He waved his ears to let us know he was determined to follow his path and we were the ones that had to move out of the way. The driver backed up a bit and the elephant passed without even looking back. We had lunch at a restaurant overseeing the river area (I don’t remember the name but the river was called Olifantsrivier) After lunch we went on our way again, Impala was no longer a reason to call to the driver to stop the jeep but Gnoe, kudu, buffalo, zebra, giraffe,waterbuck and various birds were.large_1297706_14185711807894.jpg It was a stop and go trip. As we were looking at some birds to the left I got the feeling of being watched and so did the girl sitting in front of me, we both turned our heads and could only say ELEPHANT. A huge male elephant was standing only a few meters from the jeep, just chewing a tree. We watched him for a while and the driver explaned that the smell was tipical for a young single male looking for a mate. We had enough elephant so we slowly started to move again. The elephant stepped on to the road behind us waving his ears, he didn't want us to go? As the jeep went a bit faster the elephant did too, it really came for the jeep. I guess the driver also remembers the Discovery film were an angry elephant attacked a jeep so he picked up speed, the elephant chased us for a bit and then gave up. Now we had a story to tell back home (or on TB!) So, we didn't get to see all of the big five, but we got chased by the angry elephant!


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